Orientation Video re: MFCA Certificate of Fitness Process


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FAQ-1    Beginning the Care Process

  • What are the initial steps for individuals who believe they are called into ministry?

  • How does one discern if they are “called"?

  • What role does the classis play?

  • Who are the agents overseeing the Certificate of Fitness for Ministry (CFM)?

  • What “tracks” exist that lead to the CFM and ordination?

  • What does it mean to be “under care” as well as enrolled in the CFM?

FAQ-2    Sustaining the Care Process

  • What is the responsibility of the classis committee assigned to those preparing for ordination?

  • Who usually serves on the classis committee?

  • What is the preferred tenure and term of a committee member?

  • What does “care” ideally look like?

  • Where does a committee turn when there are concerns and problems with a candidate?

  • Does classis have responsibility for the financial support of the candidates under its care?

  • How does a committee go about completing its duties according to the Book of Church Order (BCO)?

  • Is there flexibility regarding the timing of the classis licensure and ordination examination and the granting of the CFM?

FAQ-3    Completing the Care Process

  • How should classis exams be conducted?

  • Does the Approved Alternate Route (AAR) process mean that there are different expectations placed on the classis?

  • How does a candidate who has earned the CFM and is ready for a call go about seeking the first call?

  • What happens to the person who has completed their program and does not have a call?