Classis Candidate Care 

  Candidate Care 1This Reformed Church in America “Ministerial Candidate Care” website is co-sponsored by the Ministerial Formation Certification Agency (MFCA), New Brunswick Theological Seminary (NBTS) and Western Theological seminary (WTS). The purpose is to provide information for, and train the 45 Classis Candidate Care committees throughout the RCA so they are better equipped to meet the needs of ministerial candidates under their care and promote consistency in the care of candidates across the denomination. This site will also assist committees in navigating all aspects of theological education in the RCA and create a place where information will be easily accessible for all paths toward ordination including those through MFCA, NBTS and WTS. 

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 Helping Ministers Become Pastors

"In 2015 the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA) and the Reformed Church in America (RCA) launched a six-year program focused on clinical pastoral education (CPE). Today the program is at its halfway mark and is set to run through 2021. It has already graduated 20 people and is showing many signs of success"..........

Kristen deRoo Vanderberg, CRC Communications - March 6, 2019

The Call to Ministry 

When we think about a call to ministry we need to be aware of the four aspects of this call. The first is the call to be a Christian. This is the common calling in which we all share. This is the call of all, in contrast to the call of some.

The second aspect is the personal call from God to a designated leadership role in the church. This is the call of some, from within the call of all. This inner call may persist for a long time.

The third aspect is the outward call. For some the outward call may come before the inward call; this may occur when someone is told he/she would "make a good minister!" and then ponders that invitation.

The fourth aspect, is the call of gifts. This is where the talents of a person come into play. Designated ministry requires a great deal from a person. You might consider your potential for the following gifts:

Candidate Care 2

 - A deep spiritual life

 - Personal integrity

 - Self knowledge

 - Understanding of human behaviour

 - The ability to learn and share the faith

 - Passion for justice

 - Capacity for critical reflection

 - Integration of self

 - Capacity to be a life-long learner

This list is not meant to identify the "perfect" person or to identify all the gifts. Clearly, no one person will ever perfectly embody all of these qualities. We are all life-long learners. But it is helpful to have a guide in making decisions about a call to ministry.


Adapted from: The United Church of Canada, Ministry Vocations, H. Richard Niebuhr, The Purpose of the Church and Its Ministry (Harper & Row, 1977)